Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First couple weeks of our summer!

Hanging out at Dad's work. I love Taylor's face in the bottom one.

I love when they are nice to each other ;)
Riding the canoe at PCC before our passes expired!
He wanted to wear our baby's clothes that Jessica sent to us. He kept saying that when she's born he will share his clothes with her too. He's so excited for this baby to come, every morning when he comes to wake me up nice and early, he always asks "when is your baby coming out" He's going to be so sweet to this baby, i can't wait to see him with her.
Monkey face


Erin said...

i love your kids personalities in these pics! it makes me want to be friends with them, or at least have Brady become a best friend of theirs!

Nicole Lawrence said...

Your kids are hilarious! I love how blonde they are! Tan and blonde. Totally hawaii babies! I saw your fb post! Yes, Jess is having me make you one! Got any specific colors you'd want? I have to admit, I was going to make you one anyways, so I'm glad that Jess is going to come out that way and be able to take it to you! I'll send a matching bow and leggings as my baby gift to you! Can't wait to see this little lady. You should call me soon so we can catch up. Miss you!


Bailey said...

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Zelda luver said...

i love that picture with the little
girl wearing two sunglasses!its so cute!

... said...

Cassie, Hi hi. You need a picture of the baby belly. Before its too late.

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